Please read the important information about account security and comply for your own security:

Do not give your password or account number to anybody!
People pretending to be members of ClassicOT or gamemasters may contact you and ask for your password, for example, in order to fix an error. This is nonsense, as gamemasters cannot fix errors and ClassicOT will never ask you for your password. Never give away your password to other people, not even to the ClassicOT Team. Be careful what you are saying in chats, emails or messaging services such as GMAIL or HOTMAIL!

Enter your password or account number at no website except for!
There are websites which claim to do surveys, offer cheats etc. You may be asked to enter your password there, but the only goal of the website is to steal your account. Also, watch out for websites that fake the official website. Only the address will bring you to the official website of ClassicOT!

Memorise your password and account number well!
Never save your account data on your computer. Also, delete any email containing account data. If somebody gets access to your computer or email account he must not find your password, account number or recovery key there. If you have problems to memorise your account data note them on a piece of paper and keep it at a safe place. Make sure that nobody can find it, not even your friends!

Use secure passwords!
Your password should contain a mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special symbols. Also, do not use common words because hackers use dictionaries to test passwords. The same is true for passwords that refer to your person, e.g. the name of your pet. Finally, make sure that you do not use the same password for different services. Above all, you should use different passwords for your ClassicOT account and your email service!

Watch out for suspicious software that can be used to hack your computer!
Some people are distributing files that contain spy software such as trojan horse viruses or key loggers. Dangerous software like that is frequently spread through websites, emails or messaging services such as GMAIL or HOTMAIL. Carefully examine any link before clicking on it. Any email attachments and downloads should be handled with caution. Most of all, cheat tools and clients that have not been released by ClassicOT are often designed to hack your ClassicOT account!

Protect your computer using security software!
Make sure to update your computer system regularly, e.g. by using the Windows update function. We recommend you use anti-virus software as well as a firewall to prevent unwanted intrusions into your computer system.

Register your account to your own correct email address!
The registered email address is the key to your account. Make sure you can always access this email account. You should use it regularly because many email providers delete inactive email accounts. Therefore do not create an email account just to register to ClassicOT. Adjust the registered email address in time if your current email account is about to change!

Do not share or trade accounts!
Account sharing and trading is forbidden under the ClassicOT Rules with a reason. Remember you are running a great risk if you give your account data to any other person. We know from experience that even close friends have stolen or ruined each other's accounts. Also, people who have traded accounts are also tricked frequently and lose their accounts. Please note that ClassicOT will not provide support in case an account is lost due to account trading or sharing!

Personalize your account!
Once you have a Golden Account you should personalize your account immediately. Provided that you have entered your correct data you will always be able to get your account back by using the Lost Account Interface. You should really take the opportunity of this additional security feature offered to Golden players!

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