ClassicOT doesn't have level doors, to prevent quest abusing by low levels,
Some of the quest chests can be opened only by players that participated / killed a specific creature.
You can see which creatures need to be killed to open certian chests on this page.
Name Location Monster Amount
The Desert Dungeon Quest Jakundaf Desert Fire Devil 1
Medusa Shield Quest Drefia (Darashia) Necromancer 5
Orc Fortress Quest Orc Fortress Orc Warlord 4
Orcs Hideout Quest Flores Orc Warlord 4
Crusader Helmet Quest Dwarf Mines (Kazordoon) Giant Spider 2
Flores Heroes Quest Flores Hero 5
Black Knight Quest Villa Scapula (Venore) Black Knight 1
Fire Axe Quest Edron Dragon Lair Dragon Lord 3
Behemoth Quest Edron (Cyclopolis) Behemoth 4
Vampire Shield Quest Edron Hero Cave Warlock 1
Banshees Quest Flores Warlock 3
Demon Shield Quest Flores Demon 1
Demon Legs Quest Edron Hero Cave Demon 1000

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