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Latest Changelog
30 Nov 2021, 06:31 Fixed a levitate bug, now it's possible to levitate on top of a creatures and unpassable items
3 Nov 2021, 00:32 Client Update: Bugfixes related to WASD and Validation window
19 Sep 2021, 15:41 The client has been updated due to a minor bug fix related to the looking /using of items hanging on the wall
11 Sep 2021, 01:09 Two additional floors were added to the Ancient Scarab cave in Flores. Regeneration while sleeping is fixed the rate is 4HP,4MP/Min for 100min (Eating required).
9 Sep 2021, 03:21 Crown Legs quest in Flores is reworked and the map at the Heroes area is changed to balance the profit/waste ratio.
  Wed, 17 Mar 2021 - Server & Client Update
Today we released client version 1.33. It will automatically download itself.

Client Changes:
• AFK Validation window improvements
• Client protection features (doesn't affect the gameplay)
• Bugfix - Follows/chase didn't interrupt auto walking
• Bugfix - Damage seen thru the floors sometimes

Server changes: (Tomorrow's server save)
• House roofs that accessible only for house owners in Flores will be inaccessible.
• Monsters such as Deers/Rabbits will not be able to escape diagonally.

Please note that the old client will cause errors after tomorrow's server save. So make sure you update.
  by GM Meleh
  Tue, 2 Mar 2021 - Server Update
The following changes has been implemented:
Within today server save we have implemented a new Quest System, by that we have removed level door's as they didn't exist in our version, this new Quest System was implemented because we don't want main chars with noob chars level 8 and so on trying to take some benefit because there are no level door's on the quests.

How it works?
Example if you want to open the chest's from Behemoth Quest you need kill a Behemoth.
Do you plan to do Crown Armor Quest you need to kill a Black Knight.

Client Update:
• Auto screenshot fix
• Names bugfix (Capital letters)
• Use click on tile while walking bugging the movement
• Change Info window
• Change item count in move window by arrow keys
• Open writeable item will focus on the text automatically
• Macro validation feature
• Better response when moving items from bp to ground

Golden Account Medal:

With this medal you can add Golden Account Days to your account ingame, we have implemented it to give to the player's the opportunity to buy or sell the medal you can check all of them on the premium account area.

Have fun in Game!
Your ClassicOT Team
  by CM Olddies
  Sun, 14 Feb 2021 - Winter Update 2020
We have finished the work on the latest game update. Golden Account players can now explore the new city of Flores. We need new adventurer's to discover the new undiscovered city. There are rumours about secret dungeons that hide treasures of inestimable value in the new area. Their hidden entrances can be found anywhere in the map, you should be a good explorer to find out them. You can reach Flores by travelling through ship, the city will be release tomorrow after server save, each player who reach level 20 will receive 7 days free Golden Account day's.
Moreover, we have fixed the false positives that we did have in the past day's  with the client also we are working hard to bring you new features, Like Automatic ScreenShot option added to the client with this great feature you can save instantly magnific moments from your gameplay on ClassicOT we hope you start sharing your epic pictures with us!.

Have fun in Game!
Your ClassicOT Team

  by CM Olddies

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