WorldPlayers OnlineLocationAdditional Information
WorldPlayers OnlineLocationAdditional Information
Lunara Test Server0CADClassicOT TEST World
This is a TEST world which means changes and rollbacks can happen at anytime without notification.
Rates in Test server:
Exp: 20x
Regen: 1x
Skills: 10x
Magic: 10x
Loot: 3x
Sometimes Test-Server might be testing a new client version, in that case you'll need to download a Test-Client to be able to login.
If you can't login to Test-Server with outdated client similar message, you need to download a new one from below! This client is only available in Wine-Version which can be run in Windows and Wine Applications.
If you get banished in Test-Server for whatever reason, your entire account will be banished as well!

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