Datacenter's(EUR GER)
World configuration:Full 7.10 Realmap Server
Worldtype:Normal PVP
Game Engine:Running on custom TFS engine 7.10
Blessings:Old Blessing system through (Amulet of life).
RS/BAN:For redskull it is (3 frags) and for ban it is (5 frags).
Buy house:To buy a house you need to be premium account after that make a bid in the website houses. You have to be at least level 20 to purchase a house.
    Premium Account Information
    You can create Guilds.
    You can buy houses
    You can travel through boats.
    Character Promotions
    Shared Experience in Party.
    Use all spells.
      Experience Rate
      Static Experience
        Magic rate:1x
        Skill rate:1x
        Loot Rate:1x
          Old Game Features
          No PZ on boats (No pz on carpets)
          Burst Arrows based on Magic And Level!
          UE/GFB division (5% reduction dmg/player, max:50%)

            Authentic gameplay
            100% push system
            100% aim system
            100% angle system
            100% paralyze system
            Improved walk system
            Amazing atmosphere which replicates golden days!

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