Logo Description Guild data
Cobra Kai
STRIKE FIRST STRIKE HARD - We are against cheaters, boters or whatever you wanna call it. GUILD CHAT ALWAYS OPEN. Only 25+
Total members: 14
Average level: 55
Guild level: 782
Fated Circle
A guild made by friends, for friends. It is not enough to do our best. Sometimes we have to do what is required
Total members: 7
Average level: 34
Guild level: 241
True RPG guild, https://imgur.com/a/kBKDPPa
Total members: 2
Average level: 115
Guild level: 230
Monarch Total members: 3
Average level: 33
Guild level: 99
Noobs Unite
Die once, no problem... Die many times, you are a noobie! =) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SpOa4ZNL65M
Total members: 1
Average level: 28
Guild level: 28
Order of Hospitallers
Total members: 1
Average level: 29
Guild level: 29
The Knighthood
We are here to help each other and the community. Looking forward to help the growing of this server that feels so nostalgic.
Total members: 13
Average level: 31
Guild level: 403
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