When you die ingame you will always lose some things.
Containers is always 100% drop, unless you wear an amulet of life.
Basic: 10% exp/skills, 10% for equipped items.
Promotion: 7% exp/skills, 7% equipped items.

Amulet of Life
The amulet of life will save your character from item losses and blessing protect during a death.
It will always save your containers, skills, equipment and everything else in case you die, however the amulet will break when you die wearing it.
The amulet of life does not work on characters who's having a red skull, a redskulled player will lose 100% of it's items no matter what.
This amulet is a very expensive way of protecting items and are not recommended unless you are wearing items that you absolutely wont risk dropping.

Blessings help you protect your level and skills in case you die, however bless does not protect you from item losses.
There's 5 available blessings around in the world.
Each blessing will reduce your level/skill loss with 1%.
For reference, a character without promotion with 5 blessings, will lose 5% of experience and skills.
A Character with promotion with 5 blessings will lose 2% of experience and skills.

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