Guild: Fated Circle

Founded in the memory of days long past. Our history and experience lead us forward into new adventures. We walk these lands in peace and treat those we meet with dignity and respect. But come injustice, we will act.

Rank: Name: Level: Vocation: Status:
PrimeRorschach (Trigger Happy)153Master Sorcerer Offline
the Inner CircleBotvik222Elite Knight Offline
Chrille171Royal Paladin Offline
Drakir (Deus Vult)95Elite Knight Offline
Gandalf The Red (Nocturna)103Master Sorcerer Offline
Mavado130Royal Paladin Offline
Towie (Nocturna)86Master Sorcerer Offline
Wade (Dement Druid)117Elder Druid Offline
CouncilAragrez54Royal Paladin Offline
Backul51Elite Knight Offline
Druiden30Elder Druid Offline
Frepper100Elite Knight Offline
Ganderat (Omniscient)117Elite Knight Offline
Knatter Kurt129Elite Knight Offline
Lord Kickassalot92Royal Paladin Offline
Mordal43Royal Paladin Offline
Wipeoutt72Royal Paladin Offline

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