ClassicOT is a game designed to mimic the best version of before they ruined the game with bot-similar features built into their client and a mini-transaction shop ingame there you don't need to work for stuffs anymore as long you have a credit card.
ClassicOT are simply trying to capture the old and true way of MMORPG gaming with no options to let your credit card decide how powerful you can be.

ClassicOT took the best out of Tibia, and improved the gameplay without ruining the original gaming aspect of 7.1 with non-stacked runes and fluids, there you need to work for your progress.
There your skill in the game decide where you stand, and how far you can climb!

ClassicOT is dedicated to stay as close to 7.1 as possible, keeping runes and fluids non-stacked, and the game content balanced.

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